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Earn Premium DeFi Yield With $BYTE

What is BinaryDAO?

BinaryDAO is a new DeFi primitive that helps users gain exposure in DeFi yield and deals through its native BYTE token, and creates exponential value and unmatched upside for BYTE token holders and protocol users. It achieves these by:
  • putting its treasury to work and generate return through liquidity providing
  • partnering and investing in early-stage projects: opportunities that are typically not available to the average investor
  • And now, with the new features on BinaryDAO, users will be able to earn boosted rewards for their stablecoins through Binary's specially designed yield vaults!

What does BinaryDAO do?

BinaryDAO is a yield boosting vault protocol for stablecoins.
We grow our treasury by investing and providing liquidity in the Metis ecosystem. In return, we share the profits earned through treasury with the BYTE holders. Now with the newly introduced features, we will be automating our existing battle-tested treasury farming/ LP strategies on-chain enforced by smart contracts, and taking advantage of the existing ve-tokneomcis on different Metis protocols and open-up the access for everyone, creating a one-stop-shop to yield farm boosted tokens. In simpler terms, this means that with BinaryDAO, users will be able to deposit their stablecoins to BinaryDAO's yield aggregator, and the smart contract will take users' deposited stablecoins to the underlying protocols along with the existing ve tokens in Binary treasury, to give users boosted rewards for their stablecoins without them ever having to commit and lock away any tokens.
Furthermore, with the new upgrade, when staking BYTE, users will now gain direct access to the amazing yield generation our team of experts is constantly optimizing and managing--- users will be able to choose and earn different Metis' protocol's native tokens and BYTE will no longer be minted as staking rewards. Not only does this upgrade better align Binarydao with the protocols we are providing liquidity for, but more importantly, it also helps to decrease the sell pressure for BYTE tokens.
We have a long-term vision and partnership with Metis and will continue to be a core element of and contributor to the ecosystem for years to come. Due to the profit sharing model we have created and the power of compounding interest, the longer users stake in our protocol, the more exponential returns they will receive.

How do I participate in BinaryDAO?

There are two main strategies for market participants: staking and yield-aggregating. Stakers stake their BYTE tokens in return to earn different Metis protocols' tokens. Yield aggregators, on the other hand, can take advantage of the ve-tokens in Binary's treasury and earn boosted rewards for their stables without locking away any tokens.
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