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Why do we need BinaryDAO in the first place?

For DeFi Users: The DeFi space is becoming ever more complex for the average user. Gone are the days when you can simply take risks and ape in any project and make an exceptional return. As the space matures, the risk and reward ratio comes back to earth, and opportunities become more exclusive. BinaryDAO enables users to gain exposure to DeFi through our expertise in liquidity management and investment opportunities. BinaryDAO makes it simple for users to gain exposure to DeFi growth and boosted rewards. Users can gain direct exposure to the space by holding and staking BYTE tokens, or by farming with BinaryDAO's new Yield Vault. As the space grows, all participating BYTE stakers will earn yield.
For DeFi Protocols: Liquidity is the most scarce resource in DeFi. Protocols require liquidity to bootstrap and sustain their ecosystem. But liquidity is often fragmented, non-sticky, hopping from one protocol to another. BinaryDAO solves this by partnering up with native projects for liquidity provision and seed investments.

What is BYTE token?

BYTE is the native yield token of BinaryDAO. We generate profits from our DAO treasury through different on-chain strategies such as market making, investing and farming and share the profits with the BYTE token holders.

How can I benefit and get a share of the protocol’s profit?

Staking BYTE tokens will allow users to begin participating in the revenue-sharing process.

How does BinaryDAO maintain its treasury in the fast-changing space that is crypto?

The Binary team is constantly analyzing and exploring current market conditions and sentiment to determine the optimal strategy for treasury management.
If the market is bullish, a “risk on” approach is taken, following more high-risk farming strategies with a heavier percentage skewed towards maximizing yield.
If the market is bearish, a “risk off” approach is taken, utilizing stablecoin farming to protect against downside and impermanent loss.
In the case of a crab market (middle ground), a blend of the two strategies will be implemented, considering the current yield farming opportunities.