BYTE Token


BYTE is the native token of BinaryDAO for:
  • yield
  • governance
The BYTE token doesn’t have a max supply. You can earn BYTE through staking, or you can buy BYTE through the mint function. Roughly 15% of all BYTE will go towards development to ensure rapid innovation.

Initial Tokenomics

The BYTE token is initialised through the Genesis sale events, with a total of approximately 3 million BYTE created as initial supply.
The allocations of the initial BYTEs are:
  • 250k BYTE airdropped to BIT NFT holders
  • 250k BYTE sold in community presale at $2 per BYTE
  • 2 million BYTE sold in public sale at $2 - $4.5 per BYTE
  • 222k - 500k BYTE minted in treasury to provide initial liquidity for BYTE based on final public sale price
  • Initial BYTE allocation to the development fund (15%) will be locked for 6 month, and linearly vested over 2 years
Post Sale Note
  • The final public sale price was $4.5 per BYTE
  • The treasury supply for initial BYTE liquidity on DEX was 222k BYTE and 1m USDC, a total of $2m initial liquidity.
  • The total initial supply for BYTE was 3.2m
  • The development fund allocation was 480k BYTE
  • The initial BYTE circulating supply is approximately 2.5m BYTE (3.2m - 222k - 480k)